ERASMUS Community

Our ERASMUS Community is for those students who wish to travel around Europe in order to complete an academic year or semestrer abroad (the so-called ERASMUS students), and for those who are finishing their degree, or who have already finished it, and would like to do a placement abroad.

If you are one of these students, register here and get your ERASMUS BOARDING PASS so you can benefit from the many advantages available to our community members.

What can you do with your ERASMUS Boarding Pass?

With your ERASMUS Boarding Pass, you will be able to fly with Iberia at a very low rate. Where are you planning to travel? Rome, Brussels, Paris, Granada…? choose the European city that interests you the most and we will take care of the rest. Iberia will offer you a broad selection of all the destinations at student rates, but remember that you can only benefit from these prices if you have your ERASMUS Boarding Pass!
Additionally, we work to reward loyalty with exclusive offers,  competitions, and discounts for the members of our community. Please check our website, which will be kept updated with any new information.

We will also offer you a broad selection of accommodation possibilities in the main European cities, travel information, tips on how to get to the most interesting destinations, or, for example, which are the best universities to study at.
In our forum and blog you will find people like you, with whom you can share your experiences, who you can ask questions and resolve any doubts that  may arise while you are preparing for your trip or during your stay abroad.
Don’t wait any longer to join us! We are looking forward to meeting you.

If you have questions about your Erasmus Boarding Pass, please contact us via:

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